Tower Cost Consultants Limited provides consultancy services in fields of urban and rural development, building construction and civil engineering. These specialized services include:.

  • Quantity surveying and building economics services
  • Construction cost management and administration
  • Project and construction management
  • Analysis of construction claims
  • Claims protection and management for clients
  • Services in connection with arbitration and/or litigation
  • Feasibility studies and property financing advice
  • Property development and valuation
  • Loss assessment services for insurance purposes
  • Life cycle costing and estimates of annual running costs
  • General consultancy services in the fields of property development, construction and civil engineering

Tower Cost Consultants Limited customizes those services to take into account the lifecycle of a construction project as in the below stages:-

Design Stage/Pre-Contract

  • Budget Estimate
  • Project Management
  • Cost planning and control
  • Feasibility studies/Developers Budget
  • Preparation of cash flow projections
  • Preparation of Bills of Quantities and specifications
  • Tendering procedures and advice on contracts
  • Tender evaluation and reporting
  • Negotiation with contractors

Contract Stage/Post-Contract

  • Preparation of interim valuations
  • Evaluating variations and claims
  • Preparation of Financial Appraisal
  • Preparation of final account


  • Fire loss assessment and valuation for insurance purposes
  • Construction project management / Building Managements
  • Life cycle costing
  • Dilapidation reports for maintenance work
  • Estimates for building loans for banks and other financial institution
  • Construction dispute resolution


The firm utilizes computer programs and techniques for all aspects of their services. The practice recognizes that particular clients and governments have their own procedures and requirements for provision of consultancy services and our services are based upon and adapted to an individual client or project.

The company has experience of providing consultancy services in different countries where consultancy procedures, documentation and techniques may vary considerably.

Computer techniques form a large part of our service to provide an efficient service and to provide clients with additional information not always available with traditional quantity surveying methods. Computer techniques for all costs and management services are recognized by the practice as essential for the efficient and proper provision of consultancy services.

The practice provides its services with a basis towards cost management so that agreed budgets are controlled to contain unauthorized expenditure. The project costs are controlled from feasibility and preliminary estimates to tendering and through the construction process up to completion of the final account.

Where construction or project management services are utilized, services are adapted to suit management methods and systems. Normal services will not be suitable for management contracts which would normally require:-

    Fully detailed estimates and cost reports for management budget control systems.
    Accurate cash flow projections.
    Production of non-standard tendering documents.
    Formulation of contractual conditions for construction management work package contracts.
    Separate documents for work package contracts.

Tower Cost Consultants Limited has instigated these systems on a number of projects and construction management contracts.

Management contracts in the right environment and with a suitable project team can achieve savings on normal construction contracts. The cost management services in this regard are most important. Tower Cost Consultant has achieved significant identifiable savings with actual projects in conjunction with construction management services.

Contractual matters and issues form a major part of the practice’s services. A great deal of attention to contractual matters is made in the production of tendering documents so that disputes related to poor documentation are avoided. The practice had much experience in claims and contractual matters that have arisen on construction projects.